Nekorpa to present at Buddhism & Science Symposium at Maitripa College, December 4, 2011


THE ENVIRONMENT:  Is It Too Late for Individuals to Make A Difference?

Can our planet sustain a global population that has recently reached 7 billion?  When the environmental crisis feels overwhelming, we may wonder if it is nearly too late? Can individuals still make a difference? And do the teachings of the Buddha, who lived long before carbon emissions, have anything to say about philosophical, ethical, or pragmatic responses to global imbalance?
Join us as we ask scientist of climate change, Christina Hulbe, philosopher David Loy, businessman Mark Waller, and founder of Nekorpa, Matteo Pistono, about approaching sustainability thresholds and what can be done by whom to avert catastrophe and even possibly create space for healing communities and earth systems. Maitripa President & Professor of Buddhist Studies, Yangsi Rinpoche, will further the conversation with reflections from the Buddhist tradition that illuminate these issues. Moderated by Professor of Buddhist Studies, James Blumenthal.

Click here to register for the symposium in Portland, OR.

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