Sri Pada, Sri Lanka

Adams Peak

Sri Pada Pilgrimage Guide and Mountain Clean-up Program

Nekorpa’s Sri Pada Pilgrimage Guide and Mountain Clean-up Program focuses on the sacred mountain of Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak. It was created by our writers from and made it the print just recently. At the summit of Sri Pada, there is a “sacred footprint” in the rock. Buddhists hold it to be the footprint of the Buddha, Hindus that of Shiva, and in the Christian and Muslim traditions that of Adam. The Sinhalese name of the mountain is Samanalakanda, referring to the resident deity Saman.

The project is utilizing these rich traditions to promote cooperation on activities for the protection of Sri Pada, to promote environmental and sanitation programs, to support interfaith dialogue, and to publish a pilgrimage guidebook in Sinhalese and English. A comprehensive sanitation and garbage clean-up program has been initiated along the two principal pilgrimage routes and is integrated with school and environmental programs about ‘spiritual climbing’ which include workshops and annual pilgrimages for youth groups.

Working with the villages on the Rathnapura route, we are also supporting biodiversity protection in the mountain forests; home to elephants, leopards and a vast array of flora and fauna. Nekorpa’s partners are The Sewalanka Foundation and the Sri Lanka Nature Forum, with the generous support of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation.