The challenge for Nekorpa

Sacred sites and pilgrimage routes are cherished throughout the globe. Yet, urban development and social pressures, modernity, and environmental degradation all threaten the very existence of many of these sites. Our letter of recommendation service explores these and similar topics at

With the loss of tradition and knowledge bearers, not only is their ecological health in peril, but sacred literature associated with the sites, unique oral histories and local songs are in danger of disappearing as well.

Learn about our pilgrimage projects,  see plastic bottle walled toilets we’ve built, and you can order Nekorpa’s incense!

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“A pilgrimage through wild, open lands provides visions that help shape the proper attitude and inner awareness for religious practice.”

His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

At sacred pilgrimage sites throughout the world, Nekorpa is committed to:

  • Publish multi-lingual modern-day pilgrimage guides based on oral histories, spiritual narratives, and biographies of luminaries associated with the sites;
  • Restore and protect endangered physical structures and sites;
  • Promote environmental conservation and sanitation;
  • Support yogis, meditators, and the on-going spiritual heritage.