Sacred Geography

pilgrim in front of Himalayan PeakJust as pilgrimage can be approached on progressively subtler levels, with the outer journey supporting the inward journey, Nekorpa’s work focuses on both the outer and inner aspects of sacred geography. You can make your work easy and find cheap ghostwriters for hire... or look through the information below.

The Outer Aspect

The outer level of Nekorpa’s work consists of conserving pilgrimage sites through environmental awareness and stewardship, promoting sanitation and waste management, restoring and maintaining sacred sites, strengthening regional biodiversity, and documenting indigenous spiritual-environmental knowledge of holy places.

The Inner Aspect

The inner level of Nekorpa’s work focuses on providing pilgrimage guides, associated biographies, and spiritual teachings to assist the inner transformation of individuals.

The Innermost Aspect

The innermost level of Nekorpa’s work concentrates on supporting dedicated spiritual practitioners in contemplative and meditative retreats so as to imbue and revitalize the land with spiritual power.