Otgontenger, Mongolia


Pilgrimage Guide to Otgontenger

This project site is located at the remote sacred Mount Otgontenger [Tibetan: Batahor] in Zavkhan Province, Mongolia. Mount Otgontenger is the original home to Pehar, one of the principal protectors in Tibetan Buddhism, and for the Dalai Lamas. Nekorpa will publish in Mongolian and English a pilgrimage guidebook for the circumambulation route around Mount Otgontenger, including the shamanistic and pre-Buddhist folklore. Usually, economics essay help is used when writers would like to illustrate the differences between these traditions.

The project will support local monks to conduct spiritual empowering rituals at Mount Otgontenger, as well as provide solar electricity to the monasteries in the region. Nekorpa is partnering with Conservation Ink, a non-profit group with an office in Ulan Bator. Conservation Ink has substantial experience working in Mongolia, supporting conservation and environmental awareness in natural and cultural areas through the production and distribution of educational materials.

Nekorpa is working with the local monasteries to map the pilgrimage route around the mountain and record the oral history. Click here to support the effort!