Land donated for recycling and trash collection in Pharping, Nepal

"Clean Pharping" garbage cans installed at the Varjayogini temple in Pharping

Nekorpa’s Executive Director, Matteo Pistono, was in Pharping, Nepal in October 2010. He met with staff from a local women’s organization, WomenAct Nepal, and with the headmaster of the Tribhuvan Adarsha High School. WomenAct and the Adarsha High School are the implementing partner for Nekorpa’s waste management program in Pharping.

The team toured a plot of land donated by Tribhuvan Adarsha High School for the collection, separation, recycling, and pick-up location for recyclables and refuse. The land will be leveled and then enclosed with fencing.

The plot of land donated for the Zero Waste program. Presently the land is where garbage and waste is disposed of in a haphazard and unsafe manner.


An adjacent plot was selected where organic matter will be composted.

Additionally, Nekorpa is supporting the building of public toilet near the bus stop—currently there are no facilities.

The present work continues the program that was initiated in Pharping in July 2010 with the generous support from The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation. It was at this time that Nekorpa partnered with WomenAct Nepal to initiate a waste management program in Pharping, Nepal. The work in Pharping was preceded by three staff from WomenAct attending an educational conference on Zero Waste in the Himalaya at Deer Park Institute in Himachal Pradesh, and the methodology from that conference is the bases for the outreach in Pharping. In September 2010, the waste management program was launched with WomenAct staff working in conjunction with the Pharping Village Development Council and the Tribhuvan Adarsha High School. Because of the long-standing practice of simply discarding in near-by fields all refuse and garbage, the program has important educational components, which are key to engaging the various community and castes groups.

Temple grounds surrounding the sacred caves in Pharping

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