Nekorpa attends Engaged Buddhist meeting in Thailand

Ajan Sulak Sivaraksa, the founder INEB, and Matteo Pistono, Nekorpa's Executive Director

The International Network of Engaged Buddhist’s (INEB) Executive Council and Advisory Council met in late November at Wongsanit Ashram outside Bangkok. Nekorpa’s Executive Director, Matteo Pistono, sits on the EC and joined the two-day meeting that planned for the 2011 Conference of Engaged Buddhist in Bodhgaya, India (26-29 Oct 2011) and the Buddhist Art’s Festival (22-25 Oct 2011). Additional discussions included briefings from representatives from various countries on INEB members’ activities, the 2012 Buddhist Approach to Climate Change conference, and Buddhist Economics.

Wongsanit Ashram outside Bangkok

The meeting coincided with the Loy Krathong-Floating Ceremony and the group sent their prayers and positive intentions into the nearby water way alight with candles and incense. Click here for a slide show from the ashram.

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